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8 February, 2020

Interview with i-Cable



In this interview, Professor Ng introduced fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), a new treatment to restore the intestinal microbial ecological balance by introducing filtered stool solution of healthy people and showed us how this can be done via gastroscopy or colonoscopy. A patient with recurrent C. difficile infection recovered after receiving FMT.

9 August, 2018

CUHK Establishes Asia’s First Microbiota Transplantation & Research Centre
Hope for New Strategies in Disease Prevention and Cure



The use of microbiota transplantation may be able to treat obese patients with type II diabetes mellitus.


7 October, 2015

CUHK Latest Research Reveals FMT Effectiveness
Triples that of Conventional Treatment



The CUHK Gastroenterology team has been the pioneer in introducing FMT for recurrent C. difficile infection in Hong Kong since 2013.


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