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Factors Associated with Mucosal Healing in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis in Clinical Remission. I

HY Shi, FKL Chan, SWC Tsang, YT Hui, SF Sze, JYL Ching, T Chung, CYY Iu, FH Lo, EHS Shan, MKK Li, JCY Wu, JJY Sung, and SC Ng, 03, 2015. 21: p. 840-846. [IF: 4.525]

Mucosal healing (MH) has been associated with improved outcomes in ulcerative colitis but factors associated with MH are not well defined.

Consecutive patients with ulcerative colitis in clinical remission (Mayo symptomatic subscore = 0) who had at least 1 colonoscopy since diagnosis from 6 centers were included. Factors associatedwith MH and early MH were determined using logistic regression. Two hundred thirty-seven patients with ulcerative colitis (mean age 50.39 ± 14.10 yr; 56.5% male) were included. Independent factors for MH were clinical remission >3 years, mild/moderate mucosalinflammation, and immunosuppressant use. In multivariate analysis, patients with previous mild inflammation were more likely to achieve early MH than those with moderate/severe inflammation. A longer disease remission, previous less severe mucosal inflammation, and immunosuppressant use are associated with MH. Severity of mucosal inflammation and use of immunosuppressant are also associated with early MH.

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