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Early Course of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a Population-Based Inception Cohort Study from 8 Count

SC Ng, Z Zeng, O Niewiadomski, W Tang, S Bell, MA Kamm, P Hu, HJ De Silva, MA Niriella, WSAAY Udara, D Ong, KL Ling, CJ Ooi, I Hilmi, K Lee Goh, Q Ouyang, YF Wang, K Wu, X Wang, P Pisespongsa, S Manatsathit, S Aniwan, J Limsrivilai, J Gunawan, M Simadibrata, M Abdullah, SWC Tsang, FH Lo, AJ Hui, CM Chow, HH Yu, MF Li, KK Ng, JYL Ching, V Chan, JCY Wu, FKL Chan, M Chen, and JJY Sung, Gastroenterology. 01, 2016. 150: p. 86-95.e83. [IF: 18.392]

The incidence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is increasing in Asia. We present data from the Asia-Pacific Crohn's and Colitis Epidemiology Study.

We collected data on 413 patients diagnosed with IBD (222 with ulcerative colitis [UC], 181 with Crohn's disease [CD], 10 with IBD unclassified) from 2011 through 2013. In a prospective population-based study, we found that the early course of disease in patients with IBD in Asia was comparable with that of the West. Patients with CD frequently progress to complicated disease and have accelerated use of immunosuppressants. Few patients with early stage UC undergo surgery in Asia. Increasing our understanding of IBD progression in different populations can help optimize therapy and improve outcomes.


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