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Endoscopic and Histologic Mucosal Healing in Ulcerative Colitis in the First Year of Diagnosis: Resu

CM Leung, W Tang, M Kyaw, G Niamul, S Aniwan, J Limsrivilai, YF Wang, Q Ouyang, M Simadibrata, M Abdullah, D Ong, HH Yu, J Zhang, J Ching, J Wu, FKL Chan, JJY Sung, and SC Ng, Journal of Crohn's and Colitis. 2017. [IF: 5.813]

Mucosal healing is associated with improved long-term clinical outcomes in patients with ulcerative colitis. This is a population-based study assessing endoscopic and histologic mucosal healing within the first year of diagnosis. Mayo score and Nancy index were used to assess endoscopic and histologic activities, respectively. Clinical, endoscopic and histologic evaluations were repeated at one-year. Logistic regression was performed to identify predictors of mucosal healing. Mucosal healing was achieved in less than half of patients with ulcerative colitis in the first year of diagnosis. On multi-variate analysis, an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) at diagnosis was a significant negative predictor of endoscopic mucosal healing at one-year; while histologic features of ulceration and being an ex-smoker were significant negative predictors of histologic healing at one-year. Both endoscopic and histologic mucosal healing were associated with less steroid use and hospitalization.

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