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A prospective study on second-generation colon capsule endoscopy to detect mucosal lesions and disea

HY Shi, FKL Chan, A Higashimori, M Kyaw, JYL Ching, HCH Chan, JCH Chan, AWH Chan, KLY Lam, RSY Tang, JCY Wu, JJY Sung, SC Ng

In this prospective study, second-generation colon capsule endoscopy (CCE-2) and conventional colonoscopy were performed on the same day. A total of 150 patients were enrolled. Of the 150 patients, 108 were included for per-patient analysis. CCE-2 and colonoscopy showed substantial agreement in measuring Mayo endoscopic subscore (MES). CCE-2 yields high accuracy in detecting mucosal lesions and determining disease severity in UC.

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